About IBN



The Islamic Media Foundation (IMF) is a Virginia-based 501(c)(3) organization. One of IMF’s current projects is The Islamic Broadcasting Network (IBN).


Mission: to express the diversity, humanity, and identity of American Muslims through the media arts


Vision: to foster an environment in which American Muslims positively and effectively impact, serve, and inspire American society


IBN History

IBN started the first American Islamic radio network (IBN Radio) on January 1st, 2001 broadcasting from Washington DC. Soon after IBN Radio went online and was streamed worldwide.

IBN embarked on a comprehensive media campaign centered on creating and releasing PSAs to the entire American public. (Public Service Announcements are short videos and spoken messages focusing on social issues and public services) IBN’s PSAs were viewed 22,571 times on 102 television stations and broadcasted on 106 radio stations over a three year period. The total number of viewers and listeners in the United States topped 380 million, giving American Muslims for the first time a positive face in the American media.




From June 2015- November 2015 IBN has released:

“Inspiration” Series, 12 Episodes, Executive Producer

“100 Muslims, 1 Question” Series, 15 Episodes

“A Scream for the Palestinian Dream”

“American Muslim told to take off Headscarf”

“American Muslim helps an Elderly Woman”

“Muslims Respond to the Charlie Hebdo Attack”

“A Parking Spot”

“Moment of Clarity: Civic Engagement for Muslims”

“Has ISIS Arrived in America?”

“Global Boycott Movement for Palestine”

“The Afterlife” Series, 7 Episodes

Current Events Snippets, Ongoing


 In 2015-2016 IBN seeks to:

• complete construction of headquarters studios and offices.

• hire full time marketing team

• continue once weekly production on Facebook and YouTube

• prepare for the launch of daily programming

• raise $1.5 million


Our Future

What does success look like to us? Our definition of success mirrors social changes resulting in more and more instances of the American public embracing Muslims as part of the American fabric.

We’ve reach this point of success when Muslims deepen their commitment to Islam to a point where they are unafraid to pray in public while Non-Muslims not only understand what they are performing, but also respect it, as opposed to being alarmed by it.

We can contribute to this shift by having IBN be in a place where people and productions that are started here graduate and make their way into mainstream outlets.

Through it all we also develop, cultivate, and foster a community of professional creative Muslims, which by nature snowballs into more Muslim entering into media- related fields through initiatives sponsored by IBN.

Join us as we embark on a journey of the American Muslim Narrative.